Generate Online Traffic By Purchasing Existing Websites


Establishing a great online presence and significant traffic from the major search engines can take a little longer with a brand new domain name / website versus an existing or “aged” domain name /website that has already established “trust” and “authority” with Google.

Think of it this analogy…

Suppose you’ve opened a retail store in your city and you’ve been in business for 3 years, establishing a decent client base, gaining trust in your city without having encountered any major business challenges such as shutdowns or bankrupcies. This all adds up to business credibility. With this accomplished, the ability to reach out to a wider audience and market yourself becomes easier. 

In the online world, things are no different:

Your store = Your website

Your walk-in traffic / customers = Your website visitors / customers

Your lack of business “stoppages” or challenges = Your reliable hosting plan.

Marketing a brand new website, therefore, is more difficult than marketing a more established website. (unless of course your product / service is in extreme demand, in which case it doesn’t matter). You see, Google and the other search engines MEASURE how long your site has been up, the traffic your website receives, the reliability of your hosting plan, whether you know what you’re talking about (the quality of your website content) which Google defines as the average time a visitor spends on your website, and so forth.

So how do you circumvent the internet marketing start-up phase, ensuring that Google and the other search engines see you as an authority website in your industry right from the start? (which will allow you to gain higher rankings more easily).

One great option is to buy an existing website in your industry which has already created trust with Google (in the form of page rank) and has some existing traffic.  A great source for purchasing existing websites is – they’ve got a huge stable of websites for sale, in almost very industry you can imagine.

Look into purchasing an existing website or domain name to rank higher in the search engines and gain a presence on the internet more quickly. When doing so, there are some things to keep in mind during that ownership transition period that are very important – but that’s another post in itself – stay tuned…





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