Good SEO work only gets better over time. It’s only search engine tricks that need to keep changing when the ranking algorithms change.

Jill Whalen

What Should Be Involved in a Brampton SEO Strategy?

Brampton-SEO-CompanyDigital Instinct is a boutique digital marketing business specializing in SEO and PPC for Brampton and GTA small and medium sized business clients.

At Digital Instinct, we believe that any SEO strategy starts with an in-depth keyword analysis and highly comprehensive onsite optimization foundation project. This can take several days, but it allows us to determine hundreds of closely keywords and keyword derivatives that apply to your business and that are used by your potential customers.

Once we’ve determined the keywords most applicable to your business, we begin the process of mapping out the onsite optimization. We’ll preserve what’s working and augment what’s not. We’ll make adjustments to the back-end and front end of the website spanning several days that are geared to achieve high rankings. To top it off, we’ll add 20 new landing pages all geared to rank for 2-3 closely related keywords each. Once your foundation project is complete, your site will be optimized for dozens and dozens of great keywords, while the competition often stops far short. Your website will be much larger, with many new pages ranking for key terms. The highly comprehensive nature of our onsite optimization then serves to help any additional SEO performed through monthly SEO packages.

Digital Instinct’s standout monthly SEO plans are designed to push initial rankings derived from onsite SEO work higher, through the creation of additional quality content and authoritative, high page rank back links from closely related industry websites.

Digital Instinct’s search engine optimization solutions work so well, that most of our client report that it’s their best performing form of marketing. By a longshot.

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