Components of a Google Ranking.

How Google Ranks Web PagesA frequent question that you get in the search engine optimization industry is, how does google actually rank web pages?

Well, the short answer to that question is that we’ve got a reasonably good idea of how google ranks web pages in the its search engine results pages, but we’re not 100% certain.

A survey of 72 leading SEO’s reveals what these search engine optimization professionals feel are the main factors involved in Google ranking web pages.

The main factors contributing to how you rank in the search engines in order of importance are the following items:

1.) Trust or “authority” rating of a specific domain.
2.) Link popularity of the specific web page.
3.) Anchor text of external links to the specific web page.
4.) On page keyword usage.
5.) Domain registration and hosting data.
6.) Traffic and CTR data.
7.) Social graph metrics.

This list seems to be pretty accurate based on my personal experience. I would personally argue that click through rates in the search engine results pages are of greater importance than shown in this list howeve and should be higher than the #7 spot. Time on a page and bounce rate factors in to greater and greater importance on web pages these days, backing up the fact that “content is king”.

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