Google search engine placement – Better Search Engine Placement Starts With Understanding Google’s Methodology.

Google search engine placement depends on literally hundreds of interdependent factors. In order to derive a sound understanding and achieve better search engine placement, you need to first understand some of Google’s basic workings.

Here’s a good summary of how Google evaluates web pages:

1.) It looks for pages with the exact keywords first.

2.) It looks for pages that have the keywords close together second.

3.) It looks for pages that have the keywords scattered around
the pages third.

4.) It looks for word stems.

5.) It looks for links pointing at the pages with the keywords listed in the links.

6.) Pages with links to them with the words in them but not necessarily close together.

When considering ranking order, Google considers all the following items (in addition to literally thousands of other secret criteria that are also part of the Google algorithm).

1.) A word in a certain position is worth more than a word in another position (title vs. text body, etc).

2.) A word in a certain format is worth more than a word
in another format (Bold, italicized, larger size, regular text, etc).

3.) Heading text ( H1, H2, etc, tags)

Stay tuned for more information that will assist you with Google search engine placement.

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