How to Create a Proper Online Press Release

Online press releases have become an increasingly important tool for getting the word out about your business on the Internet. Most search engine optimization companies use online press release creation and distribution as a core part of their online marketing strategies.

When crafting an online press release, you’ll need to be aware of a few things:

1.) Putting your online press release in the proper (accepted) format: Before submitting your online press release for distribution online, you’ll want to make absolutely certain that your release is in the accepted format. A great guideline document to reference on the subject can be found on this webwire post:

Follow the simple step-by-step instructions in this post to create a proper press release.

2.) Making sure your press release is NEWSWORTHY: Before setting out to create a press release, brainstorm with colleagues friends or family in order to come up with newsworthy items relating to your business. Ask yourself, “Would I click on, and read, the headline that currently sits at the top of my press release?”

If you can’t answer YES definitively to that question, others aren’t likely going to want to read your release either.


Take time with your brainstorming, put a list of final ideas/concepts together for your press releases, and when you’re happy with them – start writing!

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