How to prerecord a webinar that you can deliver “live” infinitely.


Recently there’s been a lot of talk about the overall effectiveness of webinars.

Many of the top Internet Marketers are now using webinars as a cornerstone of their Internet Marketing efforts, because of the high conversion rates webinar marketing can deliver. In contrast to driving Internet traffic to a sales page, which typically converts website visitors at a rate of between 0.5-2%, webinars are sometimes able to deliver double digit sales conversion rates.

Traditionally, however, the challenges encountered with webinar marketing have included:

1.) Setting up a webinar takes a lot of effort.

2.) During the webinar you have to be online for the presentation.

3.) Webinars can be expensive to create.

4.) You need to speak to a live audience, so you need to deliver a perfect or near perfect presentation.

5.) Webinars can be subject to technical glitches.

A short while ago, a company has come out with what looks to be a great webinar solution that not only simplifies and greatly reduces the cost of putting on a webinar, but also allows you to effectively “recycle” a pre-recorded webinar to play back to live audiences at scheduled times and dates (they’ll think it’s live), automating the entire process for you, right from from reminder emails to thank you pages and viral referral tools. On the surface, it looks to be a great system (disclaimer: we haven’t tested it yet).

So…to summarize this automated webinar software system claims to do all of the following (and has received strong endoresements from top Internet Marketers):

1.) Reduce costs in setting up a webinar by allowing you to use a pre-recorded webinar (powerpoint, webcam, etc) an deliver it an infinite number of times, by using a script to play the recording back to viewers on demand.

2.) Provide webinar scheduling and mangement.

3.) Provide webinar marketing through social media.

4.) Provide thank you messages and viral referral prompts.

Here’s your link to the solution we’ve just detailed: Report back and tell us what you think!

We’ll be experimenting with this solution in more detail in upcoming months and report back with a full review and all of our findings- stay tuned!


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