Increase Site Traffic – Web Properties to Focus On.

With your goal set to increase site traffic, you’ll want to enure that you’re focus is on the right web properties that will generate leads online.

On a high level, focus on the following search engines and web directories as the bulk of Internet traffic flows through these eight sources (with the vast majority of traffic centered in the top two):

1.)             Google

2.)             Yahoo!

3.)             MSN

4.)             AOL

5.)             Live

6.)             Ask

7.)             The Open Directory Project (

8.)             Yahoo! directory


Listed below are the market share figures for the major search engines over the last two years as an indicated of how market share is centered in relatively few players…


 1.1- January 2009 compared to Nov & Dec 2008

Search Jan-09 Dec-08 Nov-08
Google 81.48% 81.26% 81.11%
Yahoo! 10.22% 10.43% 10.47%
MSN 2.95% 2.96% 3.00%
AOL 1.94% 1.96% 2.01%
Live 1.67% 1.59% 1.56%
Ask 0.97% 0.96% 1.03%
Other 0.12% 0.13% 0.13%


The top 5 players on this list account for a full 98.26% of Internet traffic in January of 2009, with the top six accounting for 99.23% of the traffic. What this tells us is that apart from the top 5 or 6 players on this list, it’s a pretty futile exercise to aggressively promote your website to the secondary search engines that fall outside of this list. They’re just not going to deliver the traffic volumes to your website to make the process of submitting site maps to them worthwhile. (In aggregate these secondary search engines account for a total of .12% of Internet traffic. That’s it.)

Stay tuned for information on which additional properties thoughout social media, along with other web properties you’ll want to also explore seriously.

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