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Internet Marketing for Small to Medium Sized Businesses

Internet-marketing-company-oakvilleWhen it comes to marketing for your business, the choice between digital and traditional can be difficult. We’ve been taught for decades that print, radio and TV advertising are the best options for both brand building and growing sales.

That’s no longer true.

Today, Internet marketing clearly trumps offline marketing for ROI and overall results as reported by the majority of business owners.

By shifting your marketing focus from traditional to online marketing what could your Oakville or GTA business expect?

Better Audience Targeting – Traditional advertising isn’t targeted. It’s a broad-spectrum process that throws your marketing message in front of the masses, many of whom will not be interested in what you have to offer. There’s a lot of waste or “spillage” of your marketing budget. With Internet marketing, businesses are able to get their message in front of their target audience, offering far better results. With some methods of Internet marketing, you can even get extremely granular in your targeting, some examples being: “dog breeders in New York” or “senior citizens in Arizona”.

Long Lasting Effects – With traditional marketing, once your newspaper ad or radio spot is over, it’s done and gone, never to return. With many forms of Internet marketing, businesses are able to market with a long term focus. Once something’s on the Internet, it’s very difficult to have it removed. That means your marketing efforts can sometimes work on your behalf on auto-pilot for a long time to come.

Multiple Avenues – There are several different potential avenues for Internet marketing. These include social media marketing, display marketing, PPC campaigns, blogging, online PR, content marketing and more. Each avenue offers different benefits and advantages, allowing you to create the ideal marketing strategy for your needs and budget.

Digital Instinct offers industry-leading keyword research, social media marketing, PPC campaign management and other solutions tailored to your specific business. We’ve achieved considerable ROI for our clients, and strive to deliver aggressive growth at all times.

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