Pay-Per-Click Advertising Site Disclaimer

It can take a little fiddling with pay-per-click advertising to get it right. You need to do a thorough keyword analysis, targeting specific, high-converting keywords at a price that will still deliver a strong return on investment for your business. You then need to do ongoing monitoring of your PPC campaign to make sure you’re maximizing the return on your campaign.

Another big element which contributes to the overall success of your PPC campaign with Google is your Google quality score. When Google gives your campaign a high quality score, your average ad positioning goes up, and your PPC goes go down. In order to earn a high quality score it’s essential that you play by Google’s rules.

One things that Google looks for when rating your website- and hence campaign -is a website disclaimer and full contact information (so that people can reach you by phone, if needed, etc). Factors that legitimize your business.

To create a quick site disclaimer without it taking much of your time, use the following website tool.

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