Good SEO work only gets better over time. It’s only search engine tricks that need to keep changing when the ranking algorithms change.

Jill Whalen

Proof of Concept – Search Engine Optimization Testimonials

search-engine-optimization-testimonialsWhen you shop for products on Amazon or another online store, what’s the first thing you look at after the product picture and description? Chances are good it’s the reviews left by previous customers. Customer reviews have become one of the most powerful tools available, and that applies to businesses as well as consumers.

Business owners and decision makers can’t afford to make an uninformed decision. This applies to search engine optimization services as much as to anything else. Search engine optimization testimonials offer a look at what other customers have experienced, enjoyed and why they continue to work with and recommend a company.

Of course, search engine optimization testimonials are not without their issues. “Sock puppet” reviews are a serious issue in all industries. These are essentially fake positive reviews designed to make a company or product seem more popular than they really are. The sheer number of fake reviews online is staggering, and is one of the reasons Digital Instinct uses search engine optimization video testimonials. It’s almost as authentic as speaking to the customer face-to-face.

Our search engine optimization testimonials offer veracity and accuracy, and go beyond. They offer a direct connection to the customer in a way that plain text simply can’t approach. They connect you to the client’s emotions, happiness, and satisfaction, and allow the client to give voice to their appreciation in their own words.

Digital Instinct is proud of our loyal, satisfied clients. In fact, our clients regularly refer at least one other client to us. That’s a good indication of just how satisfied they are with our services and the results of their search engine optimization strategy.

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