At the start of every client relationship, Digital Instinct will discuss the following…

  • Your company’s Digital marketing goals.
  • A competitive analysis which illustrates how your company stacks up vs. your competitors in online marketing efforts.
  • Specific Digital marketing methods that would best suit your business.
  • A tailored plan designed to ensure your online marketing success.

Digital Instinct offers the following 6 categories of online marketing services to clients worldwide:

  1. Website design and development services

    Digital Instinct creates search engine friendly websites for customers worldwide.

    Digital Instinct builds websites that communicate your brand identity and provide an exceptional customer experience for your prospective clients.

    We start by getting to know your business and brand. We then put ourselves in the shoes of your potential customers and make sure that your new website is designed with them in mind. Websites need to be fast, easy to use and never make your potential customer perform the same action twice. Intuitive website design, without sacrificing the “wow” factor.

    Call us today for a sample list of customer websites designed by Digital Instinct!

  2. Search engine optimization services (SEO)

    Search engine optimization or “SEO” refers to process of improving the volume and quality of traffic to a website.

    More and more attention is being paid to search engine optimization as an effective marketing method because of the results it can deliver for a variety of different businesses.

    Digital Instinct provides extensive search engine optimization services for its clients, broken down in two parts: on page optimization and off page optimization.

    On page optimization elements include:

    • Web site structure analysis and modifications
    • Tags (description tags, alt tags, etc)
    • Page titles
    • Site map creation
    • Site map submissions to Google, Yahoo! and MSN
    • Web site technology review (search engine friendly technologies vs. technologies search engines can’t read and index)
    • Image optimization
    • Internal linking
    • Content creation
    • Google Analytics set up

    Off page optimization elements include:

    Call us for details on all off page optimization items included in a campaign!

  3. Affiliate marketing partnership development

    Affiliate marketing is an Digital marketing practice in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought about by the affiliate’s marketing efforts.

    Affiliate marketing is a popular form of Digital marketing. Although results will vary depending on the particular business you operate, affiliate marketing has the capacity to deliver strong results. It is an attractive form of online marketing, because in the majority of cases, affiliates are only compensated when they deliver an actual sale for your business.

    One way of thinking about affiliate partners is to think of them as commission-based sales representatives that promote the products and/or services of your company – in the online world.

    Digital Instinct provides in depth affiliate marketing services for clients, which consist of:

    • Affiliate partner identification.
    • Affiliate partner recruitment and negotiation.
    • Affiliate partner tracking set up.
    • Affiliate partner management and motivation.
  4. Email marketing

    Email marketing is performed with the goal of both enhancing the relationship you have with existing customer, along with acquiring new customers.

    There are a handful of superb email marketing programs that Digital Instinct recommends that will allow you to better organize, broadcast and track the effectiveness of your email communication to both clients and prospects.

    Email marketing is becoming increasingly popular with companies for several reasons:

    • An accurate email list allows your business to email a large number of prospects and existing clients at low cost.
    • Compared to other forms of mail, such as direct mail or printed newsletters, e-mail is far less expensive.
    • An exact return on investment can be tracked when performed properly. In fact, email marketing ranks second only to search engine optimization in terms overall online marketing effectiveness. (Depending on your particular business however, it can be far more effective especially in the case of email JV’s).
    • Email can be delivered very quickly, as opposed to traditional mail which can often take several days.
    • Email marketing stands out as a unique low-resource form of “push” marketing that allows businesses to proactively solicit customers, as opposed waiting for customers to visit your website, and potentially call you.
    • Email marketing is easy to track through click throughs, open rates, read receipts, etc. Savvy businesses can then determine whether the response to a particular email message and positioning was viewed as positive or negative by its audience, and use this information in the future to positively impact future communication.
    • Businesses can generate repeat business affordably and easily, often up-selling existing clients on new products and solutions.
    • Email can be highly effective for prospecting. It often takes about 7 contacts to close a sale, and email serves as a great way of reminding your prospects about what you have to offer, especially if done in a non-obtrusive way.
    • Email marketing methods are a “green” form of communication, as no paper changes hands.
    • Email marketing can be used to “trigger” other required events for your business, such as account or profile updates, and initiate viral marketing referrals.
  5. Social media marketing campaigns

    Social media can loosely be defined as web-based and mobile based tools for information sharing and communication amongst people. Social media often integrates technologies, telecommunications, social interaction and the construction of words, pictures, audio and video.

    Social media stands in contrast with industrial/traditional/mass/broadcast media (newspapers, television, film, etc), in that anyone can publish through social media outlets, whereas the costs of publishing through industrial media can be exorbitant – and prohibitive.

    Like other forms of Digital marketing, communicating over social media carries several distinct advantages over traditional media. These advantages include:

    1. Accessability: Popular traditional media is often owned by either large corporations or government, and is more costly to access, whereas social media is available to everyone.
    2. Usability: Social media can be accessed quickly and easily with little ramp up time involved to start a campaign. This is contrasted with traditional media in that representatives from traditional media sources need to be engaged and campaign details need to be set up before any marketing can begin. This fact makes social media a far more “independent” form of media.
    3. Recency: While there is often a long lag time before traditional media sources are updated, sources of social media are often updated quickly, thereby engaging users in a dynamic interchange of ideas and communication.

    Social media categories include:

    • Social networking: These include sites such as Facebook, MySpace, Hi5, Bebo, LinkedIn, and many more. Sites such as the ones just mentioned allow people to share and communicate with each other in new and exciting ways.
    • Social networking/micro blogging: This category includes sites such as Twitter, Plunk, and Friendfeed. These sites allow people to stay connected to their friends and family network in a similar way to Facebook status updates do. Using Twitter as an example, 140 characters are allowed for each post.
    • Social bookmarking websites: Sites such as Digg and fall into the social bookmarking category. These sites effectively allow users to bookmark articles and other information of interest to them. The sites often use user voted popularity numbers as their main barometer for the positioning of articles and other information on their sites.

    With the low cost advantages of publishing through of social media in mind, many businesses are taking advantage of this important channel to gain increased awareness and sales for their businesses. Depending on the particular marketing “fit” of your business with social media (social media tends to be a great fit for consumer products/services businesses in particular) you stand the chance to achieve very powerful results if the right social media strategy is adopted.

  6. Pay-per-click campaigns

    Pay-per-click campaigns serve as a natural complement to organic search engine marketing or as a stand alone initiative. Pay-per-click has become almost a science in and of itself, and it takes a knowledgeable pay-per-click expert to allow you to first determine whether pay-per-click is right for your business, and if so, determine which pay-per-click marketing platforms would be best employed for your campaign.

    Once that’s determined, keywords are carefully selected and landing pages are designed and tested – all with the intent of attracting a high percentage of buying visitors – not the “tire kickers” who will simply deplete your pay-per-click budget and don’t convert in to customers.

    Through pay-per-click, Digital Instinct will effectively show you how to “partner” with Google, aligning your business interests with the Internet behemoth’s, eventually allowing you to save an approximate 30-50% off typical pay-per-click rates that your competition will be paying! This is the absolute truth – once you experience it you’ll believe it.

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