Social Media Marketing – What is it?

There’s a lot of buzz surrounding social media in marketing circles these days. 

Social media marketing, quite simply, is marketing through the social media “channel”.  Some of the largest social media websites include Facebook, MySpace, Bebo, Hi5, Orkut and Friendster. The purpose of these websites is generally to allow users to communicate with each other (often across the globe) while allowing them to share their interests and hobbies with friends and family quickly and easily.

Another category of social media sites include social bookmarking sites such as – where users can effectively vote on the most popular site posts, with the ones getting the most votes, appearing at the top of the page.

The general theme that tends to encapsulate all social media sites, is that the experience offered by the social media site is very much user-driven.

Social media websites have become so popular in recent years, that the once thought of “killer application” for the Internet- email – is now seeing it’s popularity supplanted by Facebook’s internet email and messaging service. After all…if all your contacts are within Facebook, and the site offers other benefits apart from just messaging, maybe it’s easier to use it Facebook to communicate instead of email!

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