The Internet Marketer’s Most Coveted Skill Set.

What the most important skill set to have as an Internet Marketer?

If somebody told us that we could only keep one person on staff in order to deliver the results that we promise, what skill set would we keep?

To start off, there are many skills an all round Internet Marketer has to be proficient in, including website design (and updating), multimedia skills (video for instance), server-side technical skills, social media knowledge, onsite optimization skills, link-building (a skill set in  and of itself right now), content writing, public relations skills, and much more.

If you’re in the Internet Marketing industry….or follow what’s been going on pretty closely in recent years, you’ve likely heard the expression, “content is king”. Content writers create content. (static written content at least, which is most versatile at the moment). Enough said.

If we had to keep one skill set at Optima (if a gun were pointed to our heads for instance), we’d keep the content writer. A thinking man’s content writer who writes great content for our clients – content that is read, increases the ever crucial time on site metric, gets indexed, is authoratative, gets retweeted, etc, etc. You can then teach that person the other stuff.

Here’s one of many examples of why quality content writing is so important in Internet marketing:

With so many ways to try and “game the system” in a main form of Internet marketing like search engine optimization, one thing that’s much harder to game are time on site metrics which ultimately lead web pages to higher rankings. (and Google knows this). If somebody Googles a keyword and spends twice the amount of time on a web page on your site as opposed to your competitors, Google will infer that you’ve got better topical content on your website that delivers the right information /answers. More relevance then translates into higher rankings for those individual web pages.

Understanding that content truly is king, you need to have a great content writer on hand at all times in SEO…and if you had to build around one skill set – content writing is the one.

seo and content

seo and content

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