Top 5 Ways to Get Serious Online Media Coverage

1) Be newsworthy. That’s not as difficult as it might sound. Hundreds if not thousands of small business stories are published every week in the media. Look out for these stories and try and analyze how they happened. Read them carefully and pick out what made the journalist write about the business.

Now can you imagine your business in a similar story?

2) Write a great press release and distribute it to a targeted group of journalists. A good press release should have as a minimum: * A headline that says exactly what the story is about * A great summary paragraph * Quotes from people * A link to more information on your site * Contact details * Editor notes

3) Find and approach journalists who write about your industry, make yourself available. Here’s how: * Search Google News using some of your industry’s popular keywords to find which journalists are writing about your industry. * Take a great story in the past and look how it has been covered. * Browse your industry trade press and see who’s writing what * Buy contact lists of journalists – one inexpensive service is

4) Time your news story carefully. What’s the best time to publish your story? Can you tie in with a national event? The biggest secret is to coordinate everything. Good stories in mainstream media sometimes do happen by accident, but if you plan and follow a clear strategy then your chances of success are so much higher.

5) Get to know your social media – that means actively participating. Twitter, for example is becoming hugely important for spreading news stories.

This article originally appeared in linking matters.

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