Good SEO work only gets better over time. It’s only search engine tricks that need to keep changing when the ranking algorithms change.

Jill Whalen

What Sets Quality SEO Companies Apart from Others?

Vaughan-seo-companyA quick glance at the SEO industry will reveal a variety companies offering SEO in Vaughn and throughout the GTA. Not all companies are cut from the same cloth, however. Some offer progressive solutions that deliver excellent ROI and considerable online traction, yet man others don’t achieve the results they claim they do.

At Digital Instinct, we believe that several different qualities set worthwhile Vaughan SEO providers apart from those best avoided. Some of the ways in which Digital Instinct differs from the others guys includes:

  1. All-You-Can-Eat SEO Pricing: We never charge you by the keyword or by the keyword block. In order to show you real results in today’s world, we have to focus on a wide range of keyword – sometimes hundreds – and we don’t believe that jacking prices for additional keywords makes sense.
  2. Results-Oriented Agreements: We don’t believe in locking our clients into long-term commitments. You can cancel your SEO plan at any time with a little bit of advanced notice should the results not be to your liking.
  3. Honest SEO Evaluations and Consultations: Perhaps the most important element that should be present in a Vaughn SEO company is the understanding that in some cases SEO can’t serve the needs of certain business, if an industry is simply not suited to SEO. At Digital Instinct, we understand that there will be businesses that don’t match our services. For those we can’t help, we’ll try to point out another reputable organization better suited for your needs.
  4. Detailed SEO Reporting: Without accurate, detailed reports, you have no way to gage your traction. Digital Instinct ensures that reports are timely and comprehensive. Reports include ranking reports, content reports and website traffic reports through Google Analytics.
  5. A Proven Track Record of Results: We’ve helped many small to medium sized businesses achieve significant revenue bumps because of our services.

View our video-based SEO testimonials to see some of the SEO, PPC and overall online marketing results they experienced!

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