Websites have become the “face” of business – the first point where businesses are judged. The look, feel, organization and information presented on websites are critical to attracting new customers. Poorly designed websites repel potential customers, while carefully crafted websites attract customers like magnets.

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What Can a Website Designer in Mississauga Achieve for Your Business?

website-designer-in-mississaugaWebsites are increasingly becoming the public face for companies large and small. A well thought out, carefully-crafted, cutting-edge website will draw potential customers in, while a low-quality site jammed with outdated design features, imagery or sloppy copy will drive potential customers away in droves.

High quality custom websites deliver the same benefit that retail businesses with inspiring and alluring curb appeal or “street presence” deliver. They communicate that an underlying attitude of care and thoughtfulness exist in a particular business – an attitude of doing things the right way.

Above all, your website should be geared for your customers. Remember that It’s not all about you and not about your products or services. Website designers need to be able to put themselves in your customers’ shoes and deliver what they’re seeking. Of course, your website design and content must also reflect your business’ goals, services and philosophy.

Experienced and skilled website design firms ask the right questions before starting a project. Do you need to generate leads from your website? Will your website act as an ecommerce site, or be a place to build your membership list? Or both? Will it be used to convey and build your company’s authority and authenticity? Each of these (and many others) is an important consideration when building a business website.

Once your website is built, you need to make it visible. Traffic is built through digital marketing methods such as search engine optimization, PPC campaigns, social media marketing and display marketing among other options. After all, what’s the use of creating a beautiful billboard, only to have it buried in the forest off the highway? Digital Instinct’s digital marketing team is capable of bringing your billboard out to the highway. We’ve become so good at it, that many of our clients now use Internet marketing as their sole source of leads…and we’re proud to report that we’ve delivered big revenue bumps for our customers on even the most modest of budgets.

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