Website Link Building – Quick Tips.

Off page optimization generally involves the building of back links to your website.

When creating back links to your website, there are a number of important things to keep in mind…because the quality of the links you create will be of upmost importance.

General consensus is that the quality (and by quality we really mean from authoritative and relevant websites to your industry) and quantity of back links that you have pointing to the web pages that comprise your website are the main determinants of higher rankings.

When building back links make sure to keep all the following points in mind:

• Websites that relate closely to yours in topic / area of interest.

• Links are all “do follow” links, thereby allowing search engines to follow the link to the destination page that the link points to.

• Links are one way links, rather than two way links or “reciprocal links” that were created through a “link exchange”. Links that come via reciprocal linking arrangements have been severely downgraded by Google.

• Links come from pages that contain a high “page rank” Authority sites, which is essentially the quality score that Google assigns to every web page on the Internet (note: download the Google toolbar in order to see page rank values for websites). Scores can range from anywhere between 0-10.

• Links that have your target keywords in the anchor text of the link. For example instead of a simple click here link you’ll want to establish keywords in your links, such as: left handed golf clubs.

In addition, you’ll want your links to point back to the page on your website that has been optimized for the keywords “left handed golf clubs”. 

• Lastly, you’ll want to stay away from what are known as “link

farms” at all costs. Link farms are cheap link listing pages that serve no purpose whatsoever, other than potentially get your website de-listed from Google, for practicing less than ethical search engine optimization practices. So – don’t use cheap shortcuts. Just quality links that will help you establish a solid ranking for the keywords you’re targeting over the long term and ensure your good standing with search engines.

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